LETTER: To prevent another massacre, how about a search warrant when too many similar red flags are noted? - Colorado Politics

LETTER: To prevent another massacre, how about a search warrant when too many similar red flags are noted?

Author: - August 17, 2012 - Updated: August 17, 2012

Dear Editor,

Imagine a WWII flamethrower in a crowded theater… guns yadda-yadda. We did not outlaw BBQ propane tanks after Columbine even though they could have killed hundreds if detonated. My daughter was enjoying lunch seated next to a propane tank in the Columbine Commons that fateful day. She escaped. Many did not.

I’m ok with “clip capacity” rules but many Americans want to be prepared to shoot back with what evil cowards already have. Concealed carry applications are up but, even in the front row with a good weapon, it is not likely anyone could have penetrated the body armor. The least we can do immediately is rig emergency exit doors in theatres so they turn on the house lights when the door opens. At least, whatever the emergency, that must make sense.

Imagine a vortex. I learned about vortexing from an FBI specialist after the Columbine Massacre. The FBI specialist said “they never just snap… there are always warning signs.” I call warning signs “red flags” and I wrote 40 Flags of Columbine in March of 2001. (www.schweitzberger.com) is 86 pages. I mailed a hardcopy to every governor, all the media and a thousand others. I gave my report to the Erickson Commission investigating Columbine. It remains online unedited.

One of the ideas in my “gun rights and wrongs” flag was from former state Rep. Don Lee. You might remember him, he tried in vain to get subpoena power for the investigation into what was eventually proven to be a massive cover-up by Jefferson County. That gun safety idea encouraged gun owners to load a blank in first position in their “ready guns.” A 3 year-old killed himself with his grandfather’s loaded handgun just a few weeks ago in Colorado. Do you know the little boy’s name? A blank in first position would have scared the little boy, not killed him. A ready-gun can be fired twice by the owner in true emergency. Imagine a gun safety idea like this as a voluntary-suggestion-label included with all guns and ammunition. I ask, why not?

Rows of crosses won’t prevent evil. They help with the healing and recovery, we are getting all too familiar with that process. A vortex might prevent copycats, but only if the “synergistic and cumulative information” we learn after massacres were compiled in such a way to offer computers a chance to trigger action at some point. A judge would order a search warrant when too many similar red flags were noted from many sources pointing to an individual even if individually those warning flags were not illegal. The public must be encouraged to report suspicious activity to proper authority. When you see something… say something. I do not accept the notion there is nothing that can be done.

How many of the public have come forward (after the fact) to say they saw something suspicious this time? Far too many. We are trained by political-correctness to be tolerant of behaviors and to mind our own business.

Anything that is predictable should be preventable. Contrast that attitude with Governor Hickenlooper saying there was nothing that could be done to prevent the Aurora Midnight Massacre. I think he might wish he had not said that.

A student having lived a life of dependency lost his student scholarship, lost everything when he failed an oral exam in Boulder. CU provided a psychiatrist and probably dangerous drugs to ease anxiety. I have heard from many outsiders that there must be something wrong with the water in Colorado. I tell them there is something wrong with the politics in Colorado.

Losing his income source and probably pondering his lost future as a professor at a university, the redheaded coward went ballistic. His health insurance was cancelled along with the scholarship. We can only speculate whether CU provided dangerous psychotropic drugs, another red flag in my report. His student-subsidized housing was disappearing. Rather than go home to California a failure and a loser he used “education money” to purchase guns and armor, more body armor than any Vietnam veteran had.

How about a credit card account for student/government loans to track expenses and trigger red flags when guns rather than books are purchased? Estimates run about $16 thousand for the guns, ammunitions and body armor. Food stamps are for food, not alcohol, but we all know about black market scoundrels anytime there is a handout available. We can try to monitor subsidies can’t we?

If not for a jammed extra-capacity cartridge canister for the assault rifle, and the bravery of officers responding immediately with little if any body armor, well… Of course it could have been worse.

At what point will America decide to sacrifice some of our privacy in order to begin vortexing information that could tip professionals trained in the concept before the next murderous rampage? Those who fear invasions of privacy to provide security and freedom should remember most of us do not fear cameras in banks. Suddenly traumatic lifestyle changes, coupled with gun purchases and body armor? The coward was not insane but evil. He planned to live, even asking on an adult-fetish internet site for a casual sex partner who might also visit him in jail. Did anyone familiar with that website question why he expected to go to jail?

Lack of moral compass is not religious in nature but lack of respect for humanity is widely evident in our culturally-evolving society. When vortexing against international terrorism I often remind folks that although most of us in America were trained to not discuss religion or politics at the dinner table… that enemies of America discuss their evil religious concepts and their politics at every meal.

There were so many warning flags not heeded this time it makes me sick. We have concealed facts too often in order to provide professional courtesy in the aftermath. Columbine facts remain concealed. Facts now being concealed in the Aurora Massacre have little to do with security or prevention. It makes little difference whether the coward gets life as an insane human or death as a murderer. He will never be freed unless the rest of us want to lock ourselves in our houses so evil can roam free.

Steve Schweitzberger
Littleton in unincorporated Jefferson County
Forty Flags of Columbine contains adult opinions, some of which are controversial.

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