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Author: - April 14, 2012 - Updated: April 14, 2012

“After dinner sit a while, and after supper walk a mile” — English proverb

Brown Palace Hotel
321 17th St. • 303-297-3111

With several outstanding eateries, this four diamond hotel is always a great place to dine. Bring money. The Palace Arms is ultra-fine dining — with a price tag to match. It’s now open for lunch as well as dinner. The lunch menu is limited but quite elegant. Howsabout a Wagyu Caesar salad, or a BLT with an E? The hotel’s “main” dining room is Ellyngton’s, a great room serving breakfast and lunch daily as well as the finest Sunday champagne brunch anywhere. There are four options for the brunch: Diet Pepsi et al (no champagne), $49.95, cheap stuff, $59.95; Moet Chandon, $69.95; the very good stuff — Dom Perignon, $189.95. If you want a glass to hold your beverage, add $25.99. Kids 6-12, $18.95, 5 and under — FREE. Betcha never thought you’d see that word at the BP.

More relaxed and affordable for both lunch and dinner is the Ship Tavern, with great sangies and other dishes. The prime rib is fantastic; it’s always available in sangie form. Now you can enjoy a choice of burgers in the charming atmosphere: Angus, Kobe or buffalo (really bison). Having had the experience in several other great eateries, I’d go for the Angus. Kobe burgers just don’t seem to have the flavor of good ole Angus chuck. Better yet, get one of each. Mr. G?

They have an extensive kids’ menu.

Really? Don’t ever bring a kid here. If you see a kid in here, leave. Children under 14 should not be allowed in this or any other fine eatery.

Churchill Bar offers only drinks and cigars for lunch and dinner; you’ll tell by the odors. High Tea is served in the afternoon in the Lobby. Scones, tea pastries and tea sandwiches are artfully prepared by the hotel’s culinary staff each day and Devonshire cream, that icky wondrous stuff that my nine-year old granddaughter can devour, is always served. There are three places in the world to have afternoon or “high” tea: The American Doll store (Chicago or New York), The Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. (Vancouver Island), and the Brown Palace.

Denver Chop House
1735 19th St. • 303-296-0800

Next to Coors Field, the joint is packed day and nite cuz the grub’s as good as the service. And it’s perty. Try a super munchies, maybe bbq shrimp, classic crab cake, tuna spring rolls or the unbelievable colossal onion rings, huger than huge. A half-dozen salads, including a seafood Cobb, tantalize the ladies. Cuz real men DON’DO salads unless they’re pregnant, on a sorry fella diet, or with their wife.

They serve fabulous steaks, chops, and other entrees. The heavy selection is at nite, but there is a yummy NY strip on the lunch menu. The burger here is king. A giant, ten-ounce patty, hand-packed and cooked to order. What else does man need?

Didya know that they have a store in Cleveland? Why would you ever go to Cleveland?

Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen
1317 14th St. • 303-595-4255

The team of Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch opened their third greatery (that’s a new term I invented for “great eatery” — maybe next year it will land in the dictionary) a year and a half ago. This is a complete change from their other two greateries, Rioja and Bistro Vendome. Here the menu offers salads, appetizers (fried cheddar curds, pig ears, bone marrow, steamed PEI mussels and more) and stuff. The hotspot of the new menu are the beef short rib kielbasa (Polish sausage) and other sausages including an all turkey kick-ass corndog. Hey, I didn’t use the dirty word, that’s what’s on the menu. They even serve poutiness, whatever the heck that is. Maybe they’re a cuz to pralines? They also serve a bunch of sangies, schnitzels and entrees. Some items I would class as foo foo but don’t let that fool ya. As in check out the pretzel fried pies or the funnel cake fried bananas. Yo!

The first time G and I had dinner here the place was wall to wall people and it wasn’t even a weekend. We had a short wait but were seated at a great spot where I could watch all the action. Our server was prompt, friendly and efficient. He explained the menu in inordinate detail. He made good recommendations and we took his suggestions. Maybe the best W we’ve ever had. When the food came, I didn’t have a clue what anything was. I was amazed by the difference between what I thought I heard the waiter describe and what came out of the kitchen. No matter, it was all maavelous. Just maavelous. Yes, that good.

I hate truffles, especially foie gras. No, I abhor truffles. But the W recommended the chef’s special, foie gras sausage. The W had me convinced to order it. The sausage came. Looked like sausage. Oh, my. It was heaven. So much so, I chased down the W to see if there was any more. The chef personally delivered the last order. Even more “Oh, my,” it was that good.

We have two sons: one normal and one who can sniff out a free meal from 47,003 miles away. We were sitting having an appetizer and a tod for the bod when the cell rang. It was Secundo, asking what we were doing. At a bit after 6 pm, he knew exactly what we were doing cuz the room was noisier than a flock of crow-blackbirds in migration season. I told him we were downtown having dinner, thinking he was home. But he was at a conference at the Brown Palace, and could be there in less than ten minutes. He was there before our entrees arrived, and offered to share whatever we had. I expect if G and I were in New York at the finest steakery in America, Peter Luger, Secundo would show up for dinner.

Jay Fox is The Statesman’s resident gourmand, which is described in Wikipedia as “an individual with a highly refined discerning palate.” They also note an older usage of the word to describe a person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink, synonymous with a “glutton” or a “trencherman” — but we certainly do not mean to convey that part of the definition when describing Mr. Fox. Now that you’ve read his recommendations for GOP delegates in Denver this weekend, flip over the newspaper and catch his picks from Pueblo, where Colorado Dems are meeting this weekend for their state assembly.

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