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“You are what you eat. For example, if you eat garlic you’re apt to be a hermit.” — Franklin P. Jones

Joey’s New York Pizza

329 E. Colfax Ave. • 303-832-3007

Here comes yet one more “New York” pizzeria. All it means is that it has a thin crust. But us Coloradoans seem to prefer thin crust pizza. I guess that’s healthier than thick crust?

Since I really don’t like pizza, you’ll have to judge their quality. They offer the usual pizzeria fare: pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, baked ziti, calzones, salads, heroes (that’s a sub to New Yawkers), and of course the required New York cheesecake. Actually, for a tiny place like this, the menu is quite elaborate.

Most sales are pizza by the slice. On any given day they have several kinds to select from. I stopped in for a slice of pizza with a friend who thrives on the stuff. We each had a slice of sausage and pepperoni. Yes, I had a slice also. A whole slice. I was pleasantly surprised cuz I actually liked it and ate the entire slice. My expert friend pronounced it “darn good.” As we sat in this 16-seater at a bit after 1 pm, folks kept coming in for a slice or two, either to go or to eat on site.

Y’all know that I prefer Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke, but I can tolerate the latter. Here they’re extra nice and offer both. They also offer free delivery. The Capitol is well within the delivery area. As in a whole block away. Check ‘em out. Tell ‘em The Fox sencha.

Shish Kabob Grill

1503 Grant St. • 303-837-8800

Located conveniently at the corner of Colfax and Grant Street, this Middle Eastern deliteful eatery has been serving the folks from the Capitol and its neighbors for years. Unlike many nearby restaurants, Shish Kabob is open seven days ‘til 10 pm every nite. While the appearance of this restaurant isn’t overly attractive, you shouldn’t snap to judgment when you walk in. It’s not fancy, but the store is clean, the food is very good and reasonably priced.

As with other Middle Eastern restaurants, the emphasis is on lamb and things with chickpeas. I don’t like chickpeas. Hummus is chickpeas. I hate hummus. You know what hummus is, right? Hummus is a cross between hominy and pummus. Had to say that. Don’t care for hominy either.

I luv lamb, in all forms. Lamb shanks, lamb chops, leg of lamb and lamb kabobs, all are offered here. Chicken and beef are also popular dishes. The kabobs come with your choice of lamb, beef or chicken. Gyros (pronounced yee-ro) is a popular meat in the U.S. It’s a combo of minced lamb and beef, cooked on a spit in a molded block and sliced thin and served in pita bread with onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce. It’s usually made up of 80 or 90 percent beef, the rest lamb.

You’ll also find shrimp scampi on the menu, along with lotsa vegetarian dishes. I’m told the garlic dip is wondrous as is the cheese and spinach pie.

The sangies include gyros meat served in traditional pita bread with tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onion. Tzatziki is made of strained yoghurt (usually from goat milk) mixed with cucumbers, and lotsa seasonings.

They also offer a chicken shawerma sangie, a beef kifta kabob sangie, and several others. All are accompanied with your choice of onion rings, french fries or garden salad. Check out their well-done website at

On a recent visit, I luved the gyros but didn’t care for the lamb kabobs. The cook uses lotsa spices in some of their meat that I didn’t care for. You should always ask about the seasonings used at any new restaurant, not just Middle Eastern. Cuz sometimes you’re unpleasantly surprised. Just cuz you can’t pronounce the name of a dish doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Come by and explore the menu, cuz you actually might find something you’ve never had before and like it.

Blue Bear Burgers and BBQ

Somewhere in Denver out and about

According to a recent story in the Denver Post, Centerplate, the nationally renowned food purveyor at the Colorado Convention Center, just last week opened a “street truck,” currently in front of the Convention Center. This truck will move to wherever “happenings” are happening. The spotlight is on their grass-fed bison sliders as well as their pulled pork sliders. G will go bonkers over their garlic fries cuz she luvs them things.

From the info I received, they currently serve sliders, sides, combos and beverages, but that will be expanded to include other items in the coming months. Luv dem sliders.

I’DONDO Facebook but for those of you that do, check ‘em out at the Facebook link above. I’ll give you a first-hand report as soon as I get downtown again. Their hours this week will be 11:30 am til 9 pm.


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