LETTER: CO. ASSET provides hope to innocent immigrant kids

Author: - February 3, 2012 - Updated: February 3, 2012

Dear Editor,

Coloradans should support CO ASSET. At no extra cost to taxpayers, it improves schools, communities, increases our pool of talented human resources, and gives universities, businesses, and our economy a needed boost. It brings innocent immigrant kids hope, and a chance for a brighter future.

As a teacher I see both students who have amazing strength, character, and hope from their families and religion, regardless of what their future may bring, and those who so desperately need the hope and encouragement that access to college, citizenship, and jobs could provide them. Without that hope, students can get very discouraged, and we can lose their tremendous gifts.

Every year I see exceedingly bright students who dream of going to college, and who work harder than any of their native born peers. But right now costs are prohibitive for most of these students. Because this bill does not give immigrants in-state subsidies, students who moved to Colorado from California during high school will still get lower tuition than immigrants whose families have lived and paid taxes here throughout their k-12 careers.

This bill doesn’t cost a dime to taxpayers; it provides a new revenue stream to universities which could help them expand employment; it improves secondary schools’ effectiveness, because the goal of college will become real; and it will provide more qualified future employees who can help get our economy back on track. Please support CO ASSET so that, without taking anything away from others, we can look our students in the eye and tell them that their talents will not be wasted, that they can get a higher education and go into whatever field they choose, and we will hold a place to value their talents and work in our society. And at the same time, we can improve our universities, society, and economy.

Beth Eldridge