Author: - January 30, 2012 - Updated: January 30, 2012

“You are what you eat. For example, if you eat garlic you’re apt to be a hermit.“ — Franklin P. Jones

Annie’s Cafe
3100 E. Colfax Ave. • 303-355-8197

Annie’s is the quintessential neighborhood family place where friends gather for fun & great food. The retro decor and relaxed atmosphere add even more enjoyment to your meal. A moderately-priced menu with all of your favorite selections makes this a perfect spot for business lunches and family dining alike. The fish and chips are the best ever, ceptin when the restaurant’s slammed and the cooks are too busy (or too lazy) to change the oil. They now offer their yummy bugger in half-pound size. The green chili fries are amazing; try ‘em with cheese. They even serve liver & onions. Why anyone would eat that stuff I don’t know, but nevertheless it’s on the menu. Someday look up the column I wrote about L&O.

Breakfast is served all day. The menu has all the traditional fare, but a host of tasty de-partures. Try Brookie’s omelet: fresh spinach, feta cheese, tomato and onion? New (to me) on the menu are a variety of sliders: brisket, cheeseburgers, meat loaf and sloppy Joe. Actually, that sounds so good. Me and muh ole bud Rasorial Rich the Rosmarine are heading there next week just to check ‘em out.

Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen
1317 14th St. • 303-595-4255

The team of Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch opened their third greatery (that’s a new term I invented for “great eatery” — maybe next year it will land in the dictionary). This one’s a complete change from their other two greateries, Rioja and Bistro Vendome. This menu offers salads, appetizers such as fried cheddar curds, pig ears, bone marrow, steamed PEI mussels and more. The hotspot of the new menu is the sausages. My fav and the most popular is the beef short rib kielbasa (Polish sausage). The other sausages include an “all turkey kick-ass corndog.” Hey, I didn’t use the dirty word, that’s what‘s on the menu. They even serve poutines, whatever the heck that is. Maybe they’re a cuz to pralines? They also serve sangies, schnitzels and entrees. Even offer some foo foo items. Check out the pretzel fried pies or the funnel cake fried bananas. Yo!

Last visit Chef Pierce prepared foie gras sausage. Not only don’t I dislike foie gras, I abhor foie gras. But I had to try it, right? That’s what paid bellies do. Oh, my. Flavorful, savory, ambrosial, you choose the word. It was downright maaavelous. So good, I had a second order. The service here is fantastic. The wait staff is extremely knowledgeable about the entire menu. What’s amazing about some of the menu items is that while the W describes in great detail (if you ask) each dish, you don’t really have a clue what’s coming out of the kitchen. Just know it’s fantastic. But it’s a Jasinski/Gruitch restaurant, so what else is new?

550 Grant St. • 303-765-5878

Zee Best in fast Mexican fare at looow prices, super-size burritos with you selecting the fresh ingredients: chicken, steak, rice, beans, and other goodies. They’re national now, owned by Jack-In-The-Box, but the grub is still great. Maybe they own Jack-In-The-Box? The website is tedious and almost worthless but don’t hold that against them. The original store is located here in Denver at 550 Grant Street. Today there are over 500 stores nationwide.

Over the years the menu has expanded greatly. One of their newer items is Mexican gumbo, a unique dish with rice, beans and tortilla soup, salsa, cheese and sour cream and the required tortilla strips. My new fav is the fajita ranchera burrito: fire-grilled red onions and bell peppers with tangy ranchera sauce. The best part of this dish is that there are NO BEANS. I hate beans. All beans. IDON’DO beans. No red beans, Boston beans, baked beans, fried beans, re-fried beans. ‘Ceptin sometimes green beans.

The menu includes burritos, tacos, tacos salads, 3-cheese nachos (yummy), grilled quesadillas, tortilla soup, chips & dips, kids meals, and Craft 2™. LOL, don’t know what that latter item is? Glad you asked. It’s a way to enjoy two handcrafted menu items in one entrée. Check it out on line. But don’t forget all the great traditional dishes they’re known for. I’m still a shredded beef burrito freak, but burritos come with chicken, pulled pork, grilled steak, seasoned ground beef (never over-cooked) or vegetarian in addition to the shredded beef.
For those of you (like G) allergic to cilantro, only five of the dishes include cilantro. Ask when you order if it’s available without cilantro.

For more information on all these restaurants, check out their websites. Note that on-line menus may be outdated, so don’t rely on the website for specific items. For those of you with allergies, particularly with nut allergies, always inquire when you arrive. If the W is unsure of the ingredients, ask for the chef. You should also carry an allergy card to give to the W, and carry your medication just in case.


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