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“Worries go down better with soup” — Jewish proverb

571 E. Colfax Ave. • 303-830-0223

If saving the Earth is important to you, probably better start eating here regularly. If it isn’t important, try it anyway.

Their statement of purpose goes, “Pizza Fusion is committed to a sustainable future through the preservation and improvement of the environment with all aspects of our operations and existence. We strive to improve the social, economical and environmental well-being of the world.” Might oughta be a “sic” or two in there but I didn’t want to disturb the perty words. These folks believe it and accomplish it. That’s a good thing.

You gotta know I don’t give a rat’s about all that stuff or where the products come from or if it’s organic or not. I just wanna know if it tastes good, the presentation is good, the prices are reasonable and I won’t get sick eating it. Also, did I leave hungry and was the service good? Don’t care about the foo foo but its ok for those who do.

The menu sez that the ingredients are the freshest available, top quality stuff and I believe it.

Pizza Fusion’s environmentally correct mission is: “Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time.” The Capitol restaurant is operated by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The focaccia bread (organic, if you care) is baked fresh every morning. They put arugula in some of their salads, and that’s not a good thing. Arugula is healthy but bitter-tasting and so I ain’t gonna eat it. They also use romaine lettuce and that’s OK. But y’all know what I think about salads. The large selection of pizza is really good; it’s not just vegetarian or vegan. They offer pepperoni sausage, chicken, bacon and lotsa other goodies on their pizza. Shucks, I may even try some. But it’s the sangies I’m most interested in. There the selection is a little limited, but I’m told they are fantabulous. There is a roasted chicken, a roasted turkey club and a portabello mushroom sangie, all packed with good stuff.

Pizza Fusion, a few short blocks from the state Capitol, offers a variety of yummy pizzas, salads and sandwiches all made with fresh ingredients.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The beverage list includes my fav, Boylan all-natural sodas, as well as other beverages and some decent wines. While it shouldn’t matter to anyone who wants a good meal, all of the employees here, except for the two managers, were formerly homeless. This franchised restaurant is operated by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, and has been in business since last May. The workers are professionally-trained and supervised. This is all a good thing. Check ‘em out. You came here for a good meal and maybe you’ll help someone in need. Long hours go from 11 am to 10 pm, Sunday thru Thursday and ‘til 11 pm Friday and Saturday. Tell ‘em The Fox sencha.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

534 E. Colfax Ave, 303-861-0347

The first time G and I went at nite the place was packed with a private party, and I expected service to be slow. To my amazement, service was terrific and the food even better. G sez the mussels are the best in town. The buggers are very good and the desserts delish. The menu is loaded with great munchies (cheese croquettes anyone?), sangies (remember the Monte Cristo?), salads, mussels (in a category by themselves) and entrees (Flemish Beef Stew sounds yummy). One of G’s favoritist things is fried pickles. Don’t knock ‘em ‘til you try ‘em. I always get the garlic pretzel bites. And a burger. They have a steak on the menu, but no one knows what kind of steak it is, and I couldn’t tell even after eating it, so pass on the steak.

This is one of the few eateries around you can still get a Dutch Lunch. Not familiar with the term? Old timers remember it from the days working the steel mills in Pueblo. The traditional DL simply means drinking beer for lunch with an open buffet, usually breads, meats and cheeses. Unfortunately lotsa workers forgot the food part. Some say that the beer is nutritionally good for you. Lotsa complex carbs and vitamins. Yeah, soes the meal at county jail when you get picked up for DUI.

Here the DL is a selection of house specialty cheeses and meats served with crostinis, olive mix and whole grain mustard. Goes great with any number of beers. Did I forget to tellya? This joint serves up dozens of Belgian beers — 33 varieties are available on tap and between 40 and 50 beers in bottles. They have diet Coke for those of us who’d rather have their calories in chocolate.

Open til the wee hours nitely. Parking can be a problem at nite. Do not park in the Office Depot lot across the street cuz you will get tagged and towed. But you can cry into your beer. They also operate Cheeky Monk stores in Westminster and Winter Park.

G and I just returned from spending the holiday with friends in Tucson. Found six new eateries between hither and yon. Stopped at McDonald’s in Pueblo for a quarter pounder. Usta be cheese was extra, now it comes with and you don’t get a discount for no cheese. Asked for tomato and mayo only. The cost was $4.75+. Wow! Cudda got a half pounder cooked to order with fries at Q’s Pub for about a buck extra. I paid $.50 extra for a piece of red flavorless tomato. But I did get 2½ pounds of mayo on my burger at no extra charge.


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