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LETTER: Popularity of third party candidates is rising

Author: - December 16, 2011 - Updated: December 16, 2011

Dear Editor,

Peter Marcus’ balanced article on Americans Elect (AE) references Gov. Lamm and Rep. Tancredo both worrying that AE will pull votes from their respective parties. Neither considers that the time may be right for AE to win the White House outright.

Consider this Washington Post-ABC News poll in November: 53 percent of Democrats, 57 percent Republicans, and 73 percent Independents look favorably on an independent candidate running against the major parties. In 1992 only 12 percent of voters favored a third party candidate; Ross Perot jumped in and took 19 percent of the vote. When AE in 2012 follows through on the plan to nominate a balanced Pres/VP ticket with one Republican and one Democrat, both bi-partisan to break the gridlock, the voters will get a fighting chance to change our broken system. We need not endure another four years of stalemate.

Ray Harlan
Delegate Leader, Americans Elect

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