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LETTER: Fracking proponents need to give us some answers

Author: - December 2, 2011 - Updated: December 2, 2011

Dear Editor,

There is a lot to Mother Earth but, other than stuff we rocket into outer space, humanity can’t destroy matter, only change it in form. H2O is abundant. A river of snowmelt can evaporate on lawns to create clouds, so to speak.
Fracking to obtain trapped fossil fuels can take surface water or glacier-formed underground supplies and make that natural-resource unsuitable for natural-recycling,

trapping it below the Earth crust, dirty-and-lost to the eco-chain of environmental evolution.

We no longer allow mighty rivers to recharge underground aquifers also. Fracking proponents must convince us of a recycling-ability for the H2O (Hydrogen two parts+Oxygen=water) they intend to pump down the drain. Ask them about that before we venture further into the technology. There is an answer. Can we live with that answer?

Steve Schweitzberger

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