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Chamber and its president Donohue have declared war on the middle class

Author: - November 23, 2011 - Updated: November 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

I hope the front page article on US Chamber of Commerce head Thomas Donohue (Nov. 11 Statesman) was merely an example of poor editing instead of rampant bias.

Writer Peter Marcus states in his lead that Donohue “cautioned against increasing taxes on job creators…” That should read more like Donohue “cautioned against increasing taxes on what he termed ‘job creators’…” Otherwise, your writer is accepting at face value Republican talking points, no doubt focus-group tested by wordsmith/pollster Frank Luntz, that mischaracterize the economic elite as “job creators.”

The US Chamber pays lip service to small business while steadfastly looking out for America’s largest corporations, many of whom have made billions precisely by cutting American jobs, shipping factories overseas, and avoiding taxes through loopholes written by their accountants and put in place by their lobbyists. If the phony “job creators” have created any jobs, they are in China and India, not Colorado and Indiana.

The real job creators are the middle class folks who buy stuff with their wages, thereby giving entrepreneurs incentives to ramp up production and hire more workers, who then buy stuff with their wages.

Through its jihad against unions (which built the American middle class), its attack on regulations which protect consumers and the environment, and its under mining of a fair tax system, which allows America to build and maintain critical infrastructure, the Chamber and Donohue have declared war on the middle class. They are hell-bent on turning America into a third-world nation. Please don’t assist them through unwittingly printing their self-serving spin as if it were true.

Eric Fried
Green Party of Colorado
Fort Collins

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