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“Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!” — Tommy Smothers

What do Larry Bird, Ted Williams, Tom Brady, Timothy Thomas, Ben Hallgren, and Chris Delaney all have in common? Answer. They’re all on the West Wall of Delaney’s East Coast Style Deli. But if you’re looking for Delaney’s Deli, they’re gone. Sorta. They’re three doors west of the old place, in a larger, more efficient space. There’s a really cool counter that you can sit at as well as more tables. The food is the same great food.

You’ll probably recognize most of the names but not all. From left to right, Larry Bird played for the Boston Celtics, Ted Williams for the Boston Red Sox, Tom Brady for the New England Patriots, Timothy Thomas for the Boston Bruins, Ben Hallgren ran the Boston Marathon Clydesdale class and is co-owner of Delaney’s, and Chris Delaney, the other co-owner, played hockey for Boston College.

The important thing is they still serve the best roast beef sangie in town. Along with a whole messa other great grub. Check ‘em out at their new location at 7057 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, 303-936-3354: www.delaneysdeli.com.

If you haven’t tried Wystone’s World of Tea – (7323 W. Alaska Dr, 303-663-5775; Lakewood, www.wystonestea.com) you haven’t had great tea with great grub. Surprisingly, they have a very extensive menu, with lotsa breakfast items, paninis, salads, pizza, wraps, wondrous soups, and sangies for the rest of the day. The maaavelous quiche (woman food) is available all day. They even have a pastry chef who prepares wondrous desserts. Open until 9 p.m. daily and until 6 p.m. Sunday. While the teas here are not cheap, they are cheaper than Starchucks.

On the other hand, If you haven’t been to Cool River Café (8000 E. Belleview Ave, 303-771-4117), don’t bother. It’s an upscale steakery, with really good buggers. The restaurant is beautiful, and it attracts a large afterwork crowd. But the owners have an attitude. Some time ago, I entered the restaurant and stood patiently at the hostess station while she waited on several other parties waiting to be seated. Then it was my turn. Or was it? She had the orbs to ask me to remove my cap because, “ball caps were not permitted in the dining room.” Do what? Say who, me? I was upset. Mad. Pissed off. One very unhappy camper. “OK”, sed I, and went to my table, bearing my cap under my arm. Once seated, I asked for the general manager. He came to the table. I explained to him that I have eaten in every fine dining restaurant in the metro area and have never ever been told to remove my cap. I also told him that I would probably have done so anyway, but I didn’t think I was a child and didn’t need to be treated as one, and if I chose to cover my bald head, that was my choice. He told me that it was company policy. I sed he was the operating partner and he could change the policy any damn time he wanted. He went away. I ordered a bugger, sent it back, the replacement came, I sent it back, and then I walked out.

When I first wrote a blurb about this some time ago, I received a number of calls of support. The surprising one came from a local restaurateur who owns a very fine restaurant, and was told that her husband was also asked to remove his hat and she now hates them and has passed that along to her friends. No point in ever going to find out if they changed their policy.

On buggers. Billy’s Inn (4403 Lowell Blvd, Denver, 303-455-9733; www.billysinn.com), serves a great hand-packed bugger, super delish, as is their fresh apple pie. Service is as good as it gets, and the place is cool. Lotsa folks go there for beer and margueritas, but I‘m in the dining room. They have a great patio, but you’ll never find me there. IDON’DO patios or dining where the bugs are and the wind blows and dogs may wander past you and stop to visit.

Their tacos will blow your mind.

On Safeway, commonly called “The Fat S”. Seems they can’t get their registers to recognize when you buy two-fers, aka BOGOs. Buy one get one free? Last two times I chose to buy only one of the bogo items and the register charged me the full price. Pardon moi? I believe the policy is, if you only want one, that’s ok, you pay half the regular price. The customer service clerk told me that “sometimes the registers don’t do it correctly?” Duh, or is that programming? Anywho, it has happened twice, and I ain’t happy about it. Buyer beware.

On Blackhawk and Central City. I still haven’t found the ideal restaurant in either gambling town. G and I would love to try the White Buffalo Grille at The Lodge Casino in Blackhawk, but it’s always full. The Timberline Grill at Ameristar is very good, but has a limited menu and service varies from very good to just ok. None of the buffets are very good. The dessert bar downstairs at The Lodge is the best eatery in town but a bit fattening. The free bbq at Johnny Z’s in Central City on the 4th deserved to be free, cuz it was baaaad. The bugger in their restaurant should have been free. Naw, should just be 86’d.


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