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Join Republican leadership, legislators in a bipartisan stand against Prop. 103

Author: - October 11, 2011 - Updated: October 11, 2011

Dear Governor Hickenlooper, President Shaffer and Minority Leader Pace,

We are writing to ask you to join us in opposing Proposition 103, the ballot measure that would raise personal and corporate income taxes and the state sales tax by almost $3 billion over the next five years. We believe Colorado’s elected officials must provide a united front in standing against policies such as Proposition 103 that will harm Colorado’s economic recovery.

Political leaders in Washington, D.C. have spent the better part of the year quarreling about how to break the grip of a staggering unemployment crisis. As Washington bickers, we can demonstrate broad bipartisanship around a critical organizing principle — that the unemployment crisis is the wrong time for statewide income tax and sales tax increases.

While the voters will ultimately decide the fate of Proposition 103, those same voters have an unmistakable right to know whether the elected leaders they have entrusted with the reins of power believe this ballot measure is the right economic prescription for the state. We unanimously believe that Proposition 103 is not.

While there has been considerable speculation about whether the proposed recessionary tax hike will result in 30,000 lost jobs or 119,000 lost jobs, what is clear is that the state should not endorse any policy that will beat back a job recovery on any level or in any number.

We ask you to join us in a strong bipartisan stand against Proposition 103, a measure that will harm our state’s economic recovery.

Tough times like these represent the moment when political leadership is at its highest premium. Voters deserve leadership on an issue as weighty as Proposition 103.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you on whether you will stand with us in opposing this ill-conceived tax hike that will hinder Colorado’s economic recovery.

Rep. Frank McNulty
Colorado Speaker of the House

Sen. Mike Kopp
Senate Minority Leader

Rep. Amy Stephens
House Majority Leader

Sen. Bill Cadman
Assistant Minority Leader

Rep. Kevin Priola
Speaker Pro Tem

Sen. Mark Scheffel
Minority Caucus Chair

Rep. Mark Waller
Assistant Majority Leader

Sen. Scott Renfroe
Minority whip

Rep. Carole Murray
Majority Caucus Chair

Rep. B.J. Nikkel
Majority Caucus Whip

And members of the House and Senate Republican Caucuses

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