Unlike mayoral candidate Romer, Mejia is better than ‘OK’ and ‘not Satan’

Author: Jared Wright - April 28, 2011 - Updated: April 28, 2011

Dear Editor,

A recent column in The Statesman by a Western Slope Republican with no ties to Denver (“Not a GOP in sight? Romer’s right pick as Mayor for center and right Democrats” by Josh Penry) urged Denver Republicans to base their vote in the Denver Mayor’s race by choosing the candidate they felt “fits somewhere on the spectrum between ‘OK’ and ‘not Satan.’” This odd recommendation apparently implies that none of the candidates running for Mayor have sufficient qualifications to be considered better than “OK.”

I beg to differ.

Republican, Democrat and unaffiliated voters in Denver do have the opportunity to vote for a mayoral candidate whose experience, vision and commitment to Denver clearly qualify him as “exceptional.” That candidate — and the best choice for leading Denver — is James Mejia.

As a lifelong Denverite and a second-generation elected Republican representing the people of Denver, I care deeply about my home city. Denver is facing serious challenges with our budget and too many companies do not see Denver as a place that is “open for business.” James Mejia is the one mayoral candidate with the talents, skills and non-partisan/collaborative approach to get Denver back on track and moving forward to becoming an even stronger and greater city.

I have known James for over 15 years and strongly believe that his exceptional professional record and extensive knowledge of our city’s inner-workings make him the best mayoral candidate to move Denver forward.

James is the only candidate with executive management experience and is a proven consensus builder. He has managed multi-million dollar budgets and thousands of employees during tough economic times. On the Denver Justice Center project, James brought together the neighborhood, the City, contractors and architects to finish the project on time and on budget. When James was manager of Parks and Recreation, he brought the entire department together to cut the budget by 10 percent during two consecutive years while still expanding the parks system. James will bring the same spirit of collaboration to the Mayor’s office.

James understands that job creation and retention is one of the most important challenges facing Denver. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles to doing business in Denver is the difficulty of navigating through the city’s excessive bureaucracy. His Buy Denver Initiative will promote and support local businesses and his Business Concierge Service will serve as a link between the city and businesses as a “one-stop shop” for city related issues.

James understands that Denver must strengthen and expand the economy of our city. He will determine how to best take advantage of under-utilized areas of Denver, including the continued transformation of the South Platte River Greenway, which in turn will accelerate the evolution of surrounding areas into a combination of mixed-use and transit-oriented development opportunities.

James has the personal, professional and political skills to lead our city from “day one” as Denver’s next Mayor. I urge you to join me in voting for James Mejia upon receiving your ballot in the coming days!

Jeff Shoemaker
Former Denver state Representative (1987-1992)

Jared Wright

Jared Wright

Jared Wright runs the business side of Colorado Politics, including circulation, advertising and marketing. He started as CEO and Publisher of the Statesman in 2015 and served as editor-in-chief for the journal during part of that time. He has worked in politics at both the state and federal levels, serving on a U.S. Congressman’s staff and working in government affairs in the private sector. Wright was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2012 and served as member of Colorado’s 69th General Assembly from 2013-2014. He is also a writer, photographer and cartoonist.

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