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Candidate Michael Hancock is a born leader

Author: - April 22, 2011 - Updated: April 22, 2011

Dear Editor,

As the city enters the final stretch of the campaign to elect Denver’s next mayor, it is important that we do not accept mediocrity.

It is important to understand clearly who has the qualities needed to lead Denver into the future.

Denver is at a crossroads. Now, more than ever, our city needs a strong leader to tackle the difficult issues facing our city. This is not a time to elect someone who lacks the resolve to lead.

On day one, Denver’s next mayor will need to hit the ground running with the experience to take Denver from a great city to a global competitor.

These times require a leader who has the deep-seated experience to make difficult decisions without dividing our city along racial or economic lines.

These times require someone who both knows this city from the inside out and is committed to the job so that all of Denver’s neighborhoods have the highest quality schools, sustainable job growth and a police department they can trust.

As the mayor of our great city for 12 years, I know that leadership is not something you learn in a book, its not something you are self-taught, it is something you are born with.

Michael Hancock is a born leader. He has always fought for the right issues. From an inspiring young community and business leader to an attentive and courageous City Council President, Michael’s proven leadership experience makes him the best candidate to be the next mayor of this world-class city.

Michael can bring all of this city together under one banner that says “We are all Denver.” Michael knows from experience what it takes for businesses to succeed in Denver. He has grown our economy as a City Councilman and has kept a fair hand to be trusted by all groups — from labor to business.

Michael knows that sustainable economic development depends upon unwavering public safety, solid infrastructure, and quality schools, safe neighborhoodds and thriving business districts.

As a leader who helped develop the Office of Independent Monitor, he pushed for the firing of the two police officers involved in the highly publicized DeHerrera case and a quick resolution to the Alex Landau case. He also has urged the Safety Manager to publicly release videotapes from the jailhouse death of 56-year-old detainee Marvin Booker.

The mayor must also play an integral role in retaining, growing and attracting jobs. As City Council President, Michael has and will continue as Mayor to be the city’s leading advocate for business development and job creation by strengthening partnerships between city government and private enterprise.

As mayor, Michael’s first 100 day plan calls for:

• Putting in place a sensible plan to restore and maintain the public’s trust and confidence in our public safety professionals who have a personal stake in our community.

• Growing jobs by establishing a comprehensive practical plan to establish Denver as the start-up and small business capital of the nation.

• Fostering public-private partnerships, increasing the effeciency of city government and creating a buiness climate fair and effective lending.

• Positioning Denver to captialize on its oustanding economic assets such as such as the Denver International Airport, the Colorado Convention Center, the Stapleton and Lowry Redevelopments, FasTracks, the Anschutz Medical Campus and, of course, neighborhood business districts.

• Pushing for real measureable improvements in Denver Public Schools by creating the Denver Compact, bringing together the city, school district, higher education, business and private-sector foundations with a laser-focus of improving opportunities for all children.

Denver has a tradition of electing strong Mayors who bring us all together to defeat the challenges we face and to build a world-class city. When you complete your ballot in the days to come, I hope you’ll join Wilma and I in voting to renew that tradition once again by voting Michael Hancock for Mayor.

The Honorable Wellington E. Webb
Mayor of the City and County of Denver, 1991-2003

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