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The pandering Sal Pace is transparent

Author: Jared Wright - January 21, 2011 - Updated: January 21, 2011

Dear Editor,

At a recent union rally on the capitol steps in Denver, the distinguished House Minority Leader, Representative Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, came out swinging hard at the GOP. In typical fashion, Rep. Pace placed his partisan banter front and center, blaming Republicans for the misfortunes of the Colorado workforce. Unfortunately, truth be told, it has been Mr. Pace’s political party that has held Colorado’s workforce hostage for the past six years.

In his effort to court the support of union leaders for his upcoming bid for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in 2012, Mr. Pace’s abrupt tirade with very colorful rhetoric shocked even those he was looking to win over. Mr. Pace wants to “rumble?” As a former legislative candidate in 2010 and a sports entertainment promoter by trade, I’m more than willing to oblige the representative’s challenge.

Let us take a look at what Mr. Pace and his party have done for Colorado while they enjoyed their reign in Denver. Rep. Pace cast Pueblo’s vote for HB 1365 (“Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act”) that is costing Coloradans, both union and non-union, their jobs. Mr. Pace cast Pueblo’s vote for HB 1193 which paralyzed online commerce in Colorado including those business utilizing Internet marketplace sites like Amazon. This, in addition to casting Pueblo’s vote for Colorado’s “Dirty Dozen” tax increases and suspending the property tax brakes for our seniors & veterans.

Mr. Pace’s banter should be taken with a giant grain of salt. The bitter partisanship of Representative Salvatore Pace has, in fact, cost Coloradans much more than their jobs, but their economic independence as well.

Sal Pace is looking to court the support of union leaders and memberships for 2012. In reality, his cunning rhetoric does in fact consistently win over the support of these organizations. However it does them no favors upon his election.

The brutal truth of our circumstance is that unemployment rates are rising throughout the state — 10.3 percent in his home district of Pueblo. In my view, something doesn’t quite smell right with this representation… Mr. Pace talks a big game to union organizations, but the fact is, if you don’t have a job, you don’t have a union either. Unemployed union members are finding themselves without representation because they are no longer dues-paying members. They are seen as “disconnected malcontents,” as in the eyes of progressive icon Frances Piven, that can be “used” to advance their politicians to power, only to fail our workforce upon “their victory.”

I hope to cast some light on this political intent, and urge Colorado’s electorate, both union and non-union, and especially the electors of the 3rd Congressional District to be cautious of the promises given by Rep. Sal Pace. I can assure you, your favor of support will not be returned. We have two years to judge the performance of our ambitious House Minority Leader Representative Salvatore “Sal“ Pace. I’m looking forward to the future!

Alexander Lucero-Mugatu

Jared Wright

Jared Wright

Jared Wright runs the business side of Colorado Politics, including circulation, advertising and marketing. He started as CEO and Publisher of the Statesman in 2015 and served as editor-in-chief for the journal during part of that time. He has worked in politics at both the state and federal levels, serving on a U.S. Congressman’s staff and working in government affairs in the private sector. Wright was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2012 and served as member of Colorado’s 69th General Assembly from 2013-2014. He is also a writer, photographer and cartoonist.

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