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Fallon is worthy of support

Author: - October 1, 2010 - Updated: October 1, 2010

Dear Editor,

Dr. Mike Fallon is by far the finest candidate to run for the First Congressional (Colorado) seat in over 30 years!

Regardless where you live, votes by representatives impact you.

Dr. Mike Fallon has created more private sector jobs then has his opponent.

Dr. Mike Fallon knows how to save lives.

As he does in the Emergency Room, Dr. Mike Fallon will care for you, regardless your political, religious, professional affiliation, gender, age or ethnicity!

For more facts about Dr. Mike Fallon, please go to: www.Fallon4Congress.com

Endorsed by Land and Water USA
Roni Bell Sylvester

Volunteer Editor

Endorsed by Charles W. Sylvester Jr.
Retired General Manager
National Western Livestock & Rodeo

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