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Arapahoe County GOP chairman ought to resign

Author: - September 17, 2010 - Updated: September 17, 2010

To Dave Kerber, Arapahoe County Republican Chairman,

As Chairman of the Arapahoe County Republican Party, you have called for the resignation or removal of all Republicans who are party officers if they support Tom Tancredo for Governor. I have a better suggestion: I hereby request the resignation of Mr. Kerber and all other Republican Party officials who blindly support our current Republican gubernatorial nominee. 

For the party hierarchy to call for the rank and file party members to leave the party is outrageous. For you to think that you can purge the party of dissidents is shocking. For you to expect us to support an unsupportable candidate is beyond reason. 

I have been a campaign officer, treasurer and/or manager of over 26 winning Republican campaigns in Colorado, spanning more than 30 years. I have served as Arapahoe County Republican Chairman, a member of the state party central committee, a district captain, and I am one of the precinct committee people you wish to purge. I am not going to compromise my conservative principles and fundamental beliefs just to please our bumbling Republican leadership. My registration as a Republican and my years of work in the party predate and far outweigh yours.

It is not your party, Mr. Kerber, it is ours! 

Tom Tancredo did not leave the party to split it, he left the party to change it. He left the party because it was the only way that we, the people, could have a bona fide conservative on the ballot for Governor. He gives us a choice and a chance to defeat John Hickenlooper. 

Vote conservative for a change!

Tory D. Brown
Committeeman, Precinct 517

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