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When are Republicans going to get serious on issues?

Author: - July 30, 2010 - Updated: July 30, 2010

Dear Editor,

I’ve been back in Connecticut, at the bedside of a beloved son dying of cancer, who was refused marijuana to improve his appetite and chances of a more peaceful death.

Maybe I’ve missed significant statements by statewide Republican candidates for Governor — Dan Maes, Scott McInnis, and Tom Tancredo, and CU Regent candidate Steve Bosley about higher education. But none of the four candidates seem to have said anything, of substance, about the fact that TABOR (now that Referendum C is gone) will now more severely strangle state higher education funding, which is now last. Or about ‘last in the U.S.A.’ Colorado, still last in closing the ethnic achievement gap between minorities and Anglos. And gays, and lesbians still don’t have the civil right of being able to marry.

So when is the current “Republican” Party, the so-called pro-business party, going to get serious about educational excellence, intellectual/racial diversity, and individual liberty?


George Walker
“A Republican Party candidate for Governor in 1994”

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