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Dems blast Broomfield

Author: - May 22, 2010 - Updated: May 22, 2010

BOSS JODY SEZ it’s time for the state assemblies of both the Democrats and the Republicans, and with so many burning issues, I thought I’d list some you might find suitable to your dining needs. While I have eaten at some of them, the rest of the list was furnished by a variety of trusted former friends. If the place ain’t there anymore, sorry. This northern burb has grown by leaps and bounds since the county incorporated itself and the metro area has run out of land room. If you find something that you really like, from my list or not, lemme know. TanQ

The 1stBank Center, formerly the Broomfield Event Center, is located just off US 36 in, of course, Broomfield. If you are motoring-challenged and have a GPS — the address is 11450 Broomfield Lane, 303-410-0700. GPS sometimes scares me. If you were a “Monk” follower and you remember the episode (Season 2, Episode 3) where the tyrannical businessman followed his car’s GPS directions into a dark alley and he and his wife were blasted by a bad guy, then you’ll understand. That particular episode still haunts me. But I luvs my GPS.

2205 West 136th Ave – 303-451-2475

So I’m sitting at my desk, grinding out a tax return with a client who’s from upstate New York. For some silly reason, we’re talking food and restaurants — imagine that. So she sez to me that the best ice cream she ever had, which is really frozen custard, comes from Abbott’s Frozen Custard outta Rochester, NY. So I Google Abbott’s and pull up the list of state maps, and right there, smack in the middle of the listing, is Abbott’s of Colorado and the sole listing, Broomfield. Well, now, my client damn near fell outta her chair. Her son went there and was blown away. Since I’m the gourmand, I’ll have to letcha know. Located in the Shops at Quail Creek. Open ‘til 10 pm daily.

1 West Flatiron Circle #224
In my humble opinon, this is the best restaurant chain in the region. Operating a wide variety of upscale eateries, Fox Restaurant Concepts is a collection of original boutique restaurants in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas and Texas. Two are located in Colorado: North in Denver’s Cherry Creek, and Bloom. I’ve had three meals here, and all memorable. From the unbelievable soups to the spectacular desserts, you will know the difference between dining and eating. Along with providing impeccable service, this is a classy, moderately-priced restaurant.

1000 Depot Hill Rd – 303-466-6386

A local Mexican eatery with standard Tex Mex fare. The food and service are good. If you like chunky salsa, this is the place. Friday nite is burrito nite.

500 Flatiron Blvd – 303-465-0153

Located in the Renaissance Suites near Flatiron Crossing mall, the menu is upscale, fine dining, specializing in American contemporary with an emphasis on seafood. Check out the Ahi tuna or one of the other seafood entrees. There is a heated outdoor patio in case the weather turns on you, as it’s likely to do this time of year. There is also an extensive wine list with 30 varietals by the glass. They do a fine weekend brunch buffet.

1 West Flatiron Circle #428

This very popular semi-national chain of brewpubs has both indoor and outdoor seating as well as banquet facilities. The brewery is visible from the bar, Tours are available. The yummy Kobe sliders
(mini-buggers) come on house-made rolls, and are only one of more than a dozen munchies available. Sangies, soups and salads, pizza, as well as steaks, seafood and other entrees provide part of an enormous menu. Try the Miso Chilean Sea bass or the 18 oz rib-eye steak.

799 Highway 287 – 303-410-7333

With four stores in the area, this ultra popular BBQ joint (cuz all places that sell BBQ are joints) serves St. Louis style pork spareribs along with Boston Butt (I’ll come back to that in a sec), brisket, chicken and hot links and a variety of accompaniments. They’re open every day except Sunday, from 11 am ‘til 8 pm.
(“Boston Butt is a cut of pork that comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg and may contain the blade.” Hrmmpf. And all this time I thought Boston Butt was a person who didn’t get along with other people and who came from Boston.)

10600 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster – 303-410-5000

Open from 6:30 am to 10 pm during the week with slightly shorter hours on the weekend, this exceptional steak and seafood emporium is described as “Cool, Classic and Hip.” Hmmm, OK, I’ll buy into that, but the food is terrific. It’s also a Starwood Hotel and there ain’t none better hotel chain in America. G and I’s members. They no longer serve their exquisite Sunday brunch, but it’s all good.

500 Interlocken Blvd

This is fine dining with a view. No, I ain’t been yet, cuz I don’t know anyone who’s got enuf money and likes me well enuf to spend it for lunch or dinner here. There are several eateries here. Meritage Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Fairways is located in the clubhouse and serves casual American dining from 11 am to 6 pm during the season, whenever the snow stops until it starts again. That means from June 10th to August 15th, most years. The Tap Room and Terrace Restaurant and Bar serves classic pub fare in a relaxed atmosphere from 4 pm daily. They also have Morsel’s Internet Café that is open daily until 5 pm. Lots to choose from.

100 West Flatiron Crossing Drive

Another small chain of upscale sports bar/tavern eateries serving excellent food at reasonable prices. Steaks, fish, buggers and other fare.

As with the rest of the country, this area is inundated with a wide variety of national and regional chain eateries. Everything from Ted’s Montana Grill to Carrabba’s Italian Grill is there. And as with most national chaineries, the food and service are generally good and certainly predictable, but that can depend on the local manager. I tried to find something different for your dining palate. You can always drop me a line as to what you like and didn’t like. As if I care….


Jay Fox covers the Democratic food beat for The Colorado Statesman.

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