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Colorado Council of Churches should give up its tax-exempt status

Author: - May 8, 2010 - Updated: May 8, 2010

Dear Editor,

The Colorado Council of Churches wrote a letter to the editor urging the support of legislation to increase taxes to spend more on education using the sin of “Coveting thy neighbor” as an excuse. They cite the per-pupil spending as an indication of how bad Colorado is, yet ignore the top per-pupil spending in our nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., with the most consistent and worst academic record.

If they truly believe what they have written, the Colorado Council of Churches should voluntarily give up their Colorado granted tax-exempt status and urge their staff and parishioners to volunteer to take none of their Colorado tax deductions. And they should demand the legislature only spend the resulting revenue on K-12 by the state. This would help close their perceived gap in education expenditures and would “…accurately reflect our values as Coloradans of faith…”

The voters have spoken with the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) which temporarily controlled the growth and spending in Colorado, and again with Ref 23, shifting the budget of Colorado to increase funding to K-12 at the expense of everything else.

The Colorado Council of Churches could DECIDE to lead the way in urging the tax-exempt community to give more money to the state of Colorado to prove they “…value our children’s futures…”.

They need to do it for the children.

Dan Kopelman

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