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Why kill a bill to allow us to purchase health insurance across state lines?

Author: - March 19, 2010 - Updated: March 19, 2010

Dear Editor,

House Bill 1163, which was brought forth in the Colorado House for the purpose of Interstate purchase of health insurance in January and February, was “moved to postpone indefinitely” by the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.

After all of the current fight for national health care, and one item that always seems to come to the forefront was the ability for states to buy health insurance across state lines in order to reduce cost of health insurance.

I and possibly a few other Coloradans would like to know why, when the time came for the Colorado legislature to move forward on this, this bill was virtually killed by this committee?

It is bad enough to have a national government that is poorly thought of, but to have our own state government on the path of not giving the people of this state the ability to purchase health insurance at a savings, seems ludicrous on the surface. I will not make accusations of some type of corruption on this matter, but I have contacted your newspaper and you indicated you would be glad to print your answer to this in the next edition of this paper.

I realize I am but a lowly citizen and have no rights to an answer, but as I believe this state government to be transparent, I would expect one of these committeeman to address me and the people of Colorado. Why can’t this issue of purchasing health insurance across state lines be attained by the people of the State of Colorado through our legislators?

Larry Crowder
Colorado Citizen

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