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The Teller Tea Party tells it like it is

Author: - February 26, 2010 - Updated: February 26, 2010

Dear Editor,

We thank you for acknowledging and covering any Tea Party events; however, your coverage does not catch the sprit of what we stand for. Since there is confusion, we will tell you what we are all about.

We ARE Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and anything else you would like to put a label on. We ARE everyday people. We ARE people who work for a living, own a small business, retired, veterans, parents, college graduates, trade school graduates… (you get the drift) — we are THE people.

You could say we are an organic grassroots movement that was born out of frustration with the Government, Congress and the bloated fat cats who are stealing our future.

First and foremost we believe in the Constitution and feel that it is grossly being ignored. We feel that the Constitution is not being abided by the people we have representing us in Government. At all levels.

We believe in less government interference in our lives.

We believe that special interests have influenced and altered our congress’ motives.

We also believe that if the corrupt congress does not reduce spending and reverse course, America will become bankrupt.

That is who we are.

Hopefully you are aware that the tea party is a growing movement. We are not an “organized” movement so we have no leader as such. We have no offices or desire to create a third party. Our leader IS the Constitution.

Most of us are people who have never been politically active. We’ve been too busy raising families and working. We trusted and believed that our elected officials would look out for our best interests. Well they haven’t and now we have awakened.

Like our founding fathers, we love our country. We feel betrayed by the people trying to change America into that which our founding fathers left.

That is what the Teller Tea Party is all about.

Roberta Millard
Teller Tea Party

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