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Senator’s Race to the Top comments are over the top

Author: - January 30, 2010 - Updated: January 30, 2010

Dear Editor,

According to stats presented to Sen. Rollie Heath’s Long-Term Fiscal Stability Commission by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education last summer, Colorado is “50th in its majority-minority ethnic gap in college attainment” and “50th in total revenue per student.” K-12 is about 37th in the USA in per cap state funding; and in December the State Board of Education adopted “world class critical thinking” testing standards to replace CSAPs. And yet, according to statements on page 7 of the Jan. 22 Colorado Statesman, Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, wants to turn down Race to the Top grants because of the national debt.

Colorado should seek, and accept any Race to the Top grants that it can. Colorado should also work harder to create truly multi-racial education programs that do not give the bottom end of the stick to students and teachers of color like CSAPs usually did.

Perhaps Sen. Schultheis will introduce a non-regressive Amendment 23 update bill for P-20 public education during this legislative session since he doesn’t want to accept “tainted” federal money.

George Walker

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