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Treasurer’s candidate J.J. Ament is still making false claim

Author: - January 16, 2010 - Updated: January 16, 2010

Dear Editor,

I was surprised by your recent article about the GOP state treasurer primary (“Hasan Opens Treasurer’s Race by Attacking His Foes,” Jan. 8), which relayed a quote by candidate J.J. Ament that he is “the only candidate [for state treasurer] with a background in finance.”

Ament has said this repeatedly on the campaign trail, despite knowing that his GOP rival, Walker Stapleton, has a strong background in both finance and economics, whether judged by experience, education or employment. In fact, while Ament has long been unemployed (his sales-oriented position with Citibank was terminated back in 2008), Stapleton currently serves as the chief financial officer and the chief executive officer of a successful, publicly traded company. It’s one of the reasons why I — and so many business leaders across the state — support Walker Stapleton’s candidacy.

Everyone knows that the banking sector is certainly not somewhere the voters will look for integrity, anyway. Colorado needs politicians who stand up for the truth — and good publications like The Statesman, where they can learn the facts!

Mary Smith
Former chair, Denver County Republicans

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