Health care advocates like Sen. Reid are slavery boosters

Author: - December 11, 2009 - Updated: December 11, 2009

An Open Letter to Sen. Reid:

Opponents of health care reform are not supporters of slavery. You have it backwards. A statement more accurate to the truth would have been to say that proponents of health care reform are supporters of slavery.

It is sadly predictable that you were not forthright in making an honest argument, but also not surprising since health care is something the majority of Americans have made clear they do not want.

I am certain you understand slavery, Senator. Slavery is when you force something that is unwanted and something that strips the rights of others. Government has no justification, no constitutional right, to dictate health care upon its citizens. Slavery denotes that one man owns another man; in this case, Congress is exempting itself from the health care it is imposing on others. What is it exactly, Senator, that makes the health care bill good enough for your fellow Americans, but not good enough for you?

Slavery is requiring that doctors treat the patients you designate, practice in the locations you specify, and be paid the sums you determine. Slavery is deciding which patients will be treated, which treatments will be denied or postponed (per guidelines so vague as to circumvent any justice), and factoring when a person’s life is no longer worthy of air.

You, Senator Reid, are the supporter of slavery. Please do not try to flatter yourself or insult the American public with a tortuous understanding of your real agenda.

Cleve Tidwell
Candidate for U.S. Senate of Colorado