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Udall epithet aside, global warming lacks proof

Author: - October 3, 2009 - Updated: October 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

When a letter disagreeing with something I have written is published, even if I am misquoted, I generally do not write a response. I have stated my case, they have stated theirs, and that should be good enough for the discerning reader.

In this situation, however, I will make an exception. The author is one of our United States senators, and, most importantly, he dismisses those of us who dispute the global warming theories as “a discredited chorus” and a “small band of nay-sayers.”

Sen. Udall should talk with more of his Colorado constituents before calling them a small band of nay-sayers. There are far too many Colorado citizens who believe that the global warming rhetoric is a lot more political posturing than hard science to let this slap at them pass. I write this letter to defend their honest, intelligent and informed opinions.

We have yet to have a thorough debate on the merits of the anthropogenic global warming theory. At the most, it is not a decided issue, and a growing number of scientists and other citizens are coming to understand this. For my part, I have conducted several hearings on the global warming theory and its impact on Colorado’s energy resources at our State Capitol. I have become even more convinced that manmade carbon dioxide is not the primary cause — if we have a global warming problem at all.

It’s an important debate, because this is not just an academic tempest in a teapot. It is driving much of our domestic and international public policy. A large many of the “solutions” being proposed will force energy costs higher than many Colorado citizens can afford, or than our faltering economy can sustain.

I am willing to publicly debate the global warming issue with the senator at any time he would care to do so.

Even if he does not take my offer to publicly discuss global warming theories, I trust that, in the future, Sen. Udall will show a greater respect for those of us who honestly disagree with him — and not dismiss us as a “small band of nay-sayers.”

State Sen. Kevin Lundberg

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