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Mr. President, are you stupid or something?

Author: - July 24, 2009 - Updated: July 24, 2009

Dear President Obama and Your Party Members,

As a two-week resident of LaSalle, Colorado, I was enlisted to drive Sen. Ben Nighthorse and Linda Campbell from an event at Island Grove to their hotel in Greeley.

I got unmercifully lost.

Ben fell asleep in the back seat after about a half hour of my wandering.

After being exceptionally patient for 45 minutes, Linda finally asked, “Are you stupid or something?”

Mr. Obama, you had 17 years of grooming for the presidency. Please stop whining, “I inherited surprises,” when it’s no surprise. You inherited a “republic.”

Unless you’re stupid or something.

Mr. Obama, you and the members of your party (Whatever it is — for it isn’t Democrat!) are pathetically lost. You’re meandering all over the world trying to find your way … to what?

Are you guys stupid or something?

If your driving wasn’t so damn scary, we would of fallen asleep long ago.

We try giving you directions, but you absolutely and clearly ignore, dismiss, ridicule and denigrate us. Why? Are you stupid or something?

You and your people claim man made Mother Nature and therefore can change her mind by doing a Cap Dance before her.

In the same breath, ya’ll claim ending manmade income tax and replacing it with an equitable consumption tax is inconceivable. Why? Are you stupid or something?

You know universal health care isn’t working in countries that have it, yet you want to mandate it here. Why? Are you stupid or something?

It’s a historical given that socialism is a toxic poison to a country. Yet, you and your people want to expose our Republic to it. Why? Are you stupid or something?

Because no one can see the end of what you and your people are ruining, I’ll stop here with this meager sampling and a question: Do you know you’re wrecking America, or are you stupid or something?

A “yes” answer to either is unacceptable.

Roni Bell Sylvester
La Salle

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