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Prayers for Sara Cassidy and family

Author: - July 3, 2009 - Updated: July 3, 2009

Dear friends,

A terrible tragedy has befallen one of the Leadership Program of the Rockies family. Sara Cassidy, a graduate of the LPR class of 2004, lost her precious son Colin (2½ years old) in a horrible drowning accident this past Sunday.

Sara is one of the kindest, most compassionate leaders associated with our program. She is the kind of person who makes us all proud of LPR, of what it represents and what it has achieved. Sara served in my Washington, D.C. congressional office during the years I served there. She was the president of the Edgewater City Council and is the director of Public Affairs for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Her career has been one of devotion to public service, prosperity through capitalism, patriotism and liberty. She is a perfect mother and wife who among us is the least deserving of such a heavy loss. Neither does she deserve to endure it alone.

Sara and her husband Chris need all of the prayers and support we can muster. They have accumulated so many close friends over the years and each one of us is needed now. We all must rally around them in any way we are led. Theirs is a loving family and a superb emblem of leadership by example — the most powerful kind of example where family is concerned. Colin was a splendid boy. The loss of him can only be devastating.

Few, I’m sure, can fully appreciate or understand the depths and emptiness one experiences in the face of such a tragedy. I know I am incapable of it. That’s no excuse however for any of us to be constrained in pouring out that which is in the most obvious need now. In times like these, true friends pour out their love for those afflicted. In Sara’s case it is easier because she has always displayed abundant unconditional love to others. Her kindness has overlooked no one and her love of life has defined her.

We will keep the LPR family apprised of any subsequent news. In the meantime, a fund has been established in memory of Colin and in tribute to his family. Please see details below.

May the blessings and comforts of God’s loving arms surround Sara and her family and console them upon the loss of their beloved Colin. May his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in eternal peace.

Very truly yours,

Bob Schaffer
Fort Collins

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