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Gender reassignment should be disclosable

Author: - May 15, 2009 - Updated: May 15, 2009

Dear Editor,

If laws are meant for any purpose, it ought to be to prevent violence. Legislation offering “protected status” for behaviors and gender reassignments also ought to include disclaimer requirements.

Crimes of passion are sometimes penalized differently than premeditated crimes. When adults who know one another fight, there is a presumption that passionate violence might not cause danger to the general

Persons portraying themselves in a manner which belies the actual expectations of a sexual partner is something new to consider, with society becoming more tolerant, hormones being used to augment nature and surgeons becoming more adept at appearance modifications.

Marriage licensing in Colorado (let us never again be listed as a hate state) should require a truth disclaimer so partners know neither is concealing a gender, fetish or orientation. Concealment of historical facts would be cause for annulments. Divorce lawyers not necessary.

Imagine a marriage where one partner is deceptive about their biological modifications. Maybe the deception goes on into marriage and does not reveal itself until children wanted by the one being deceived are not realized. Sounds like a recipe for preventable violence.

Certainly there will always be some who change their orientation or gender representation at any time in adult life. Sexual diversity and gender freedom is a choice. States that mandate tolerance of diversity should include in their legislation a “reasonable standard of disclosure,” because, in spite of medicine and surgeons, some things are biologically impossible.

Steve Schweitzberger

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