Duran: Day two at the DNC was all about women rising

Author: Crisanta Duran - July 27, 2016 - Updated: July 27, 2016

Crisanta Duran
Crisanta Duran

Our nominee said it best last night: “We put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet.”

We made history, making Hillary Clinton the first ever woman nominee for President from any major political party. For the rest of my life, I will remember that ground breaking moment in American history.

I’m proud to say that throughout the second day of the Democratic National Convention, women took center stage.

Early in the day, I had the great pleasure of meeting Eva Longoria, a woman I admire as a champion for the Latino community. As the founder of the Latino Victory Project, Eva has been a powerful fighter for the community nationwide. Yesterday, she gave a speech emphasizing the importance of every woman exercising her right to vote, a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more.

“People have to stop treating women as a special interest group,” Eva said, “We are half of the population.”

Eva was one of many strong women who spoke during day two of the convention. From Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to Oscar winner Meryl Streep, to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, we heard from an array of female leaders.

Of all the women who spoke, none weigh more heavily on my heart than the Mothers of the Movement. Losing any loved one to gun violence, let alone a child, is simply unthinkable. The mothers told their heartbreaking stories with unimaginable strength and grace. While recognizing that the vast majority of police are good people doing the best they can, the women also discussed the need for policing reforms and common sense gun legislation. Each speaker expressed their belief that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to take on that fight for them.

Colorado House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran with Eva Longoria at the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, July 26. (Photo via Twitter)
Colorado House Majority Leader Crisanta Duran with actor and producer Eva Longoria at the Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, July 26, 2016. (Photo via Twitter)

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, said “This isn’t about being politically correct. This is about saving our children. That’s why we’re here, tonight, with Hillary Clinton.”

And of course, for the first time in United States history, we heard from a former president advocating on behalf of his wife at a convention. What a beautiful, personal speech we heard President Clinton deliver last night.

Yesterday was a powerful reminder that the Democratic Party embraces and empowers women. It does not support leaders that call women ‘fat pigs,’ nor does it try to control their bodies, or question their right to earn the same paycheck as a male coworker. It stands up and fights for women, and even nominates one to represent itself.

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Crisanta Duran

Crisanta Duran

Crisanta Duran, a Denver Democrat representing House District 5, is speaker of the Colorado House.