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Rain and cold take the high out of Denver’s 4/20 turnout

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Marijuana activist and lawyer Rob Corry took to the stage at the 4/20 rally in Civic Center and declared that Denver is home to the “biggest 4/20 rally in the world.”

That may have been the case at the height of the cannabis legalization movement, but it’s hard to imagine that was true Thursday. Rain and chilly weather dampened the spirit and likely the crowd numbers, as people sought cover from the rain and traffic headed out of downtown jammed an hour before the traditional toke at 4:20 p.m.

It’s the fourth 4/20 festival since Colorado’s legal pot market opened, and from my reporter’s standpoint, this was the smallest crowd I’ve seen in the park – and the smallest cannabis cloud collectively puffed.

This, despite a free show by rapper 2Chainz and more than 250 venders in downtown Denver’s Civic Center park.

Security has also been tight since a gang-related shooting at the rally three years ago, but Thursday’s mood was mellow.

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