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Senate Dems step up to the mic with new series of podcasts

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Ready for a little friendly media rivalry in the state Senate? No, not among us folks in the “working press” who cover the upper chamber; this time, it’s between the two parties’ press offices that dish out information to the public.

Ruling Republicans have been posting weekly video messages via YouTube, tapping into their members’ talents to make their caucus’s case on the issues.’s Joey Bunch has been giving us the best seats in the theater for the shows; some have been a real hoot.

Senate Democrats are now answering with “Behind the politics.” It’s a just-announced series of weekly podcasts profiling their caucus members and is now available on iTunes as well as YouTube.

The debut segment — an interview with Assistant Senate Minority Leader (and rising star) Leroy Garcia of Pueblo — comes across as distinctly Democratic. Not because of the politics but rather the stuff that really matters: the music, of course! The episode is cued in to the strains of jazz. It is hosted by in-house talent David Pourshoushtari, the Dems’ communications director, and Jill Mullen, the director of civic engagement.

For his part, Garcia takes full advantage of the mic time and, before delving into more serious topics like his efforts to curb youth opioid addiction, touts the attributes of his hometown. Needless to say, he is a big fan of the Steel City.

Tune in!


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