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Right guy, wrong election

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Once a newsie always a newsie. Veteran Colorado political correspondent Lynn Bartels, nowadays the communicator in chief for Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, doesn’t miss a beat—or a blunder—on the political scene. Hence, her blog post today pointing out a time warp in a “Funny or Die” video on YouTube that spoofs Melania Trump—but misplaces Bartels’ boss.

The satirical video shows a Melania Trump lookalike at a podium stumbling through awkward one-liners that fall flat as she supposedly addresses a crowd in Arkansas. At one point, the vignette splices in actual footage of Williams and fellow Republicans applauding. But, Bartles notes:

As William is clapping, people in the crowd are waving Romney signs. As in Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee for president.

Bartels Tweeted a bit later:

Much has changed since then, of course; Williams, at least, still looks pretty much the same.

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