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Real bill to ban fake urine is no fake news, just a sign of the times

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If you’re like some of us (i.e., not so young), you probably never thought you’d live to see a bona fide market demand for artificial urine—much less legislation to ban it. Alas, the world turns quickly.

As it turned out, Colorado voters legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012; employers continue to drug-screen and maybe even are stepping it up, and, well, that brings us to fake urine.

As Marianne Goodland reported the other day in the Colorado Independent:

Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion last year. That may have triggered an upswing in the sale of another product: synthetic urine, which helps users fool employers and parole officers in drug tests.

State Rep. Jon Becker, a Fort Morgan Republican, is concerned about the fraudulent use of synthetic urine and aims to ban the substance in the state. Becker plans to sponsor a bill in the legislature to outlaw the possession or sale of fake pee, making Colorado the first state to both legalize recreational marijuana and ban the common substance used to mask its presence.

As always, we’ll keep you apprised. And you’ll notice we made it through this entire post without a single, smart-alecky play on words referencing bodily excretions. For once.




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