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screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-7-25-41-pmPeter Marcus covers the legislature for Colorado Politics. Previously, he covered politics, the governor’s office, legislature, and Congress for The Durango Herald. He joined The Herald in 2014 from The Colorado Statesman, a Denver-based political weekly. The Washington Post twice named Marcus one of the nation’s top state-based political and legislative reporters.


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Hickenlooper vetoes tax credit extension for cigar retailers

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday vetoed legislation what would have addressed a tax credit on cigars shipped out of state. The bipartisan Senate Bill 139 would have allowed cigar retailers to claim a tax credit on the state’s 40 percent excise tax for out-of-state sales. The credit is set to expire in September 2018. The […]

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Insights: On Hospital Provider Fee, ‘I’m still waiting… I’m still waiting… I’m still waiting…’

I’ve been walking around the Colorado Capitol lately with the Talking Heads’ song “Crosseyed and Painless” stuck in my head. It’s really just a few lines in the song: “Facts are simple and facts are straight. Facts are lazy and facts are late… I’m still waiting… I’m still waiting… I’m still waiting…” But it hasn’t […]

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Colorado budget writers finally advance what they hope is a final proposal

State budget writers on Thursday finally got to working out differences between House and Senate versions of the annual spending plan, leaving in tact several key amendments. Efforts to fund a survey given to students remained in the estimated $26.8 billion budget, along with using marijuana money to support housing and homeless services. Budget writers […]

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Sweeping changes to energy policy proposed with days left in Colorado legislative session

Republican state Sen. Ray Scott has proposed sweeping changes to energy policy and statutes in Colorado with only days left in the legislative session. The 57-page bill from Scott, Senate Bill 301, addresses everything from increasing registration fees for electric vehicles, to a restructuring of the Colorado Energy Office. “The Energy Office’s original focus on […]

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Investigation into oil and gas ties to deadly Firestone explosion renews setback talks

An investigation into a well operated by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in connection with a house explosion that killed two in Firestone last week offers fodder to setback conversations. Anadarko, one of Colorado’s largest oil and gas producers, announced Wednesday that it has shut down more than 3,000 wells in northeast Colorado. A well sits 178 […]

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Campaign finance reform measures die in Colorado legislature

A Republican-controlled Senate committee on Wednesday killed two campaign finance reform measures that Democrats pushed this year as part of a package. Both measures died on Republican party-line votes in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. House Bill 1261 would have required a description of the entities that are spending money to influence […]

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Budget-balancing measures pass House, but legislature’s work is hardly over

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story previously stated that there were two votes on Senate Bill 256. Two votes were initially recorded on the legislature’s website. But staff for House Democrats say the vote was erroneously ended, and so there was actually only one recorded vote on the bill, which was 33-31. The Colorado House on Tuesday […]

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