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Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams. (Associated Press)
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How much is Colorado’s secretary of state worth? Law says $68,500

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Republican Wayne Williams, in his first term heading the state government’s office of record, has to live on that arguably modest amount. Heck, he also serves as the state’s elections czar. Just think of all the Tums he has to buy; never mind his mortgage and groceries. Then again, some would say that’s still too much to pay a politician. We’ll defer.

At any rate, Williams’s pay and that of other state officials — all written into statute — are on display in today’s Colorado Springs Gazette. The Gazette published the information as a point of comparison for what El Paso County is paying its newest county commissioners; their pay is also set by law.

Want to know what Gov. John Hickenlooper is paid? Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman? Hint: It’s less than what some county commissioners are paid. And way less than what 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May gets for his toils. Want the numbers? Check out the story; here’s the link again.



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