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Rep. Doug Lamborn squeals about student art depicting cops as pigs

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U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs is squealing about a student’s artwork on display on Capitol Hill that depicts two police officers as pigs, one shooting a black man.

Fox News reported that the painting has been taken down by Republicans and replaced by Democrats twice since last Friday, and Tuesday afternoon it was Lamborn who took it down.

“I hope that permanent action is taken to remove this brazen attack on the brave men and women who make up the thin blue line,” he said in a statement to

He returned it to the office of Rep. Lacy Clay, the Missouri Democrat from whose district the piece of art originated.

“Just yesterday, we honored Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” Lamborn said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “I could not, in good conscience, continue to walk by a painting that so flagrantly disrespected the brave police officers that protect us here in the Capitol and in our communities across the country.



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