Rene Lima-Marin (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)
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Colorado inmate Lima-Marin’s release now on hold; immigration authorities want him

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Rene Lima-Marin’s circuitous saga has now become mind-boggling. He’s the Cuban-born, U.S.-raised man who served 10 years in a Colorado prison for armed robbery; was paroled by mistake; straightened out his life while free; was sent back to prison anyway when the mistake was discovered, and, just earlier this week, was granted freedom again, this time by a judge who said keeping him in prison any longer would be unjust.

Today, as his release was imminent, U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement put a hold on him. It turns out, as CBSDenver Channel 4-TV reports:

He is on the Department of Corrections’ list of illegal immigrants that is annually turned over to the federal government.

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