State GOP chair hopeful Kevin McCarney, left, with fellow Mesa County activists. (
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ICYMI: McCarney shifts gears to a bid for state GOP vice chair

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We’re a bit behind the curve on this one; apologies: Mesa County Trump campaign Chair Kevin McCarney — who announced last month he was in the race for state Republican Party chair — decided this week “after prayer and deliberation” that he instead would run for state GOP vice chair.

McCarney said in an email to supporters:

“Party leadership that strives for excellence is critical to our success. I understand how our Republican ideals translate into winning elections, and I know how the rubber meets the road to get us there.”

The move pits him against vice chair candidate Sherrie Gibson, previously unchallenged in that race.

McCarney’s departure from the state chair’s race now leaves only 2016 7th Congressional District candidate George Athanasopoulos and outgoing El Paso County Republican Chair Jeff Hays in the chair’s race.

The new leadership will be chosen by the state GOP Central Committee April 1. Current state GOP chair Steve House announced in January he is not seeking another term.

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