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Democrats’ podcast covers cocktails to restrooms with Fenberg

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The Senate Democrats have a nifty new podcast on their Youtube page, and Sen. Steve Fenberg of Boulder proved a worthy guest on Tuesday’s edition of “Behind the Politics.”

The dude is a partner in a bar in Silver Plume up near east side of the Eisenhower Tunnel. He talked about it with caucus staff members Jill Mullen and David Pourshoushtari for the first five minutes of the 15-minute podcast.

It’s called Bread Bar, because it’s in an 1800s-era bakery and they were too cheap to buy a new sign.

They name their cocktails after local historical figures, like the whiskey sour named for Clifford Griffin, who ran the 7:30 Mine, named that because it started an hour later than the other mines. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

“There wasn’t a good reason” to buy a bar in a town of 250 people, he said, “other than it sort of felt like the right weird, strange, like, horrible idea to pull the trigger on, and then it turned out to be super fun and actually a great experience.”

Let’s go. And Ivanka Trump sells great clothes.

In his early 30s, Fenberg felt a little, well, young in the early days in the Senate. On his first day, he encountered a locked door and an uncertain chamber sergeant.

“It was clear he thought I was an aide and not a legislator,” Fenberg told the caucus podcasters.

And, true enough, the restrooms at the stately Capitol are not well-marked, and Fenberg apparently was too proud to ask for directions the first few days.

He thought he missed a memo.

This was the second episode of “Behind the Politics” after Sen. Leroy Garcia of Pueblo was the star of the first.

We learned that Garcia would be the worst restaurant critic ever.

Pourshoushtari asked for a restaurant recommendation to take his wife down to Pueblo for dinner.

“You can’t go wrong if you’re in southern Colorado with any restaurant,” Garcia said. “Pueblo, specifically, there’s great Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food, Indian food, I mean the cuisine is great.”

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