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A scene from the Warren Miller Entertainment video for Rapidgrass' "I-70 Release Me," the unofficial theme song for this year's transportation legislation. (Screen grab from F4D Studio 's video.
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Traffic woes in Colorado get a bluegrass theme song from Rapidgrass

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Rapidgrass "I-70 Release Me"

We're excited to premiere the latest music video from our friends Rapidgrass, "I-70 Release Me." We've all spent our fair share of time in traffic getting to the slopes – these guys wrote a song about it. Check it out.

Posted by Warren Miller Entertainment on Friday, March 24, 2017

Just as things are getting interesting in the Capitol for House Bill 1242, which would ask voters to put billions of dollars into traffic improvements, Colorado’s congestion woes get an unofficial theme song.

I’m declaring it the theme song from here until voters decide on a sales tax, proposed now at 0.62 percent, in November.

And “I-70 Release Me” by Colorado’s Rapidgrass says what we’ve all been thinking for years about the clogged corridor to the mountains. We just didn’t think it as cool.

“I-70 why are doing this to me?
“Don’t you know I’ve got somewhere else to be?
“Not sitting here in traffic just about to lose my mind.
“I-70 release me, and send me on down the line.”

The diddy’s video popped up Friday on Warren Miller Entertainment’s Facebook Page.

Warren Miller Entertainment, of course, is the Boulder-based adventure film company that’s made Colorado and the great outdoors all over the world look, well, great for generations.

The video was beautifully shot by Denver-based F4D Studio.

If you like what you hear, and I sure do, check out Rapidgrass all over Colorado. Tickets are on sale to the seventh annual Rapidgrass Festival in Idaho Springs June 23-25 with lots of great bands.

Buy your tickets here.

Are you listening, Colorado legislators?

“Out here the grass is legal,
“And the skiing sure is fine,
“But I haven’t moved a half an inch
“In about a quarter’s time.”

Editor’s note: This blog was updated to give FD4 Studio credit for shooting the video.

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