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Tune in to YouTube for House GOP’s weekly hot take

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Colorado House Republicans will take their message directly to the masses every week on YouTube. The caucus released its first weekly update Friday.

And the first one isn’t all platitudes and soaring rhetoric. House minority leader Patrick Neville got right to the point on funding transportation. With $9 billion in needs, lawmakers could let voters in November decide whether to impose a gas or sales tax to repay a proposed $3.5 billion bond package for major projects.

“We need to find ways with existing revenue to fund transportation so that you aren’t stuck on clogged roads and so that you have safer roads to travel on,” Neville said.

Democrats, with a solid majority in the House, aren’t likely to take a deal overdependent on existing revenue. That would take money away from social programs to repay those bonds or support pay-as-you-go projects.

Republicans, however, have signaled they won’t accept a deal that doesn’t take more money out of the state budget, if they acquiesce in other areas of the transportation package. Looking at you, mass transit.

Neville said Republicans will fight another lost cause: trying to get funding equalization for charter schools past the Democratic majority in his chamber.

“School choice,” Neville begins. “I want you to make more educational decisions for your family rather than us making them under the gold dome.”

Credit House Republicans’ communications director, Joel Malecka, for harnessing the power of the Internet to get out the caucus message.

A new update appears each Friday on the House Republican YouTube page.




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