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@ChalkbeatCo will school us all on education issues as session starts

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Pretty much the state’s go-to source for coverage of education policy, Chalkbeat Colorado and its able staff will be the last out the door at just about every bill hearing, floor fight and backroom brawl   about schools at the Capitol during the 2017 legislative session.

We read them religiously. And their legislative previews of the past few days are a great place to get your basic briefing on all things K-12 / higher ed in the legislature’s opening week.

First check out Chalbeat’s big-picture rendering of what will be at stake for the state’s public schools, money-wise and otherwise, including these pointers:

The topics lawmakers are expected to address — including testing, school accountability and funding — are familiar. But the nation’s new education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, and the likelihood the Trump administration will relax regulations in public education could provide lawmakers with new opportunities to rethink the state’s own education laws.

Still, how the state funds its schools is likely to take up the most oxygen, lawmakers and Capitol observers agree. Economic forecasts since June have shifted, creating a moving target for budget drafters. As of December, the economy was rosier — but classrooms still could see cuts because of Colorado’s complicated tax laws.

And take in some takeaways from Chalkbeat’s forum the other day featuring lawmakers who are likely to make a difference on education issues.

You often hear folks around the Capitol tell you something is “worth a read”—as if you or they have any time for reading—but Chalkbeat’s fare is the real deal.



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