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  • The Denver Post editorial: Jeff Sessions wise to hear out Hickenlooper on marijuana

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    Colorado’s cannabis industry and its fans should take note. A meeting Wednesday in Washington between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Gov. John Hickenlooper suggests the federal crackdown we’ve been concerned about isn’t coming any time soon, and likely isn’t coming at all. Hickenlooper’s chief of staff, Doug Friednash, tells us the hour-long meeting  to discuss […]

  • The Denver Post editorial: Trump is escalating foreign conflicts


    President Donald Trump’s foreign policy has gone from confusing to terrifying. He’s escalating our conflicts abroad at an alarming rate and has been either unwilling or unable to articulate a clear strategy. His interview on Wednesday morning with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo didn’t inspire confidence, it stoked concern.Trump said he’s sending an “armada” to North […]

  • Editorial: On Neil Gorsuch vote, Michael Bennet disappoints


    Sadly, the confirmation of fourth-generation Coloradan Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court comes as bittersweet. The Senate no longer has in place the filibuster rule that forced presidents to look to candidates able to gain broad support. Without that check, the mercurial Donald Trump can next easily turn to more aggressively conservative candidates as older […]

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