As Colorado goes, so goes the country?

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Reputed swing state Colorado is once again in the exam room, being poked, prodded and analyzed by the national news media for early signs of voters’ sentiments. The mail ballot offers at least one quantifiable for the media to report: the number of ballots turned in from day to day by members of each political party.

As we noted earlier today, Democrats are leading Republicans so far in returning their ballots, 331,153 to 300,275. Unaffiliated voters—more numerous than either Democrats or Republicans—so far have turned in only 223,540.

Sunday’s New York Times tried to read those tea leaves in a report assessing the mood in Colorado and other purplish states:

Democrats are also beating Republicans so far in Colorado and Nevada, where Mr. Trump held rallies over the weekend and continued to question the integrity of the voting process, even as he implored his supporters to send in their ballots.

…Thirty-nine percent of the ballots received in Colorado so far have been from registered Democrats, 35 percent from Republicans. Democrats overcame Republicans’ longstanding registration advantage there this year, a worrisome sign for Mr. Trump and his party.

Will that trend hold for the rest of the week? And how are Colorado’s unaffiliateds voting?

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